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Viasur, quality rental houses in a beautiful setting, established 1995.
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Rural Houses , Charming Hotels and Active Tourism

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Rural Houses Picture Viasur offers you the opportunity to experience quality rural tourism in the comfort of one of our large selection of rural houses. Our houses are situated in the majestic province of Andalusia, a natural paradise with an abundance of water, a great climate and a great variety of landscapes to experience. There are crystalline beaches, white villages perched on hills and mountainsides...
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Charming Hotels Picture We at Viasur have carefully selected hotels with charm and character and with a range of styles and prices for you to choose from; from “boutique” hotels to traditional cave-dwellings, conventional city hotels to rural houses, spas and historic buildings. From these you can choose what best suits your needs. All our chosen hotels have something different, be it a certain intimacy...
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Active Tourism Picture As well as offering many diffferent types of accommodation, Viasur also offers a host of activities to enhance your stay. We can arrange energetic pastimes like canyoning, bungee-jumping, paint-balling, mountain biking or quad-bike riding; or more sedate activities like horse riding, a 4x4 trip in the mountains, a balloon flight or a wine-tasting. We can give you advice...
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