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Active Tourism - Air Sports

Balloon Flights

The adventure of flying in a hot air balloon.

Time of Departure: Approximately 08:00 AM. Depends on the season.
Duration: About three and four hours (3h - 4h).

After the flight: A typical Spanish breakfast and handing over of flight diplomas.

Price per Person: Guadix/Granada (195 €). Ronda/Malaga (195 €). Antequera/Malaga (195 €). Arcos de la Frontera/Cádiz (195 €). Sevilla (175 €). Tabernas/Almería (195 €). Córdoba (175 €). Granada (215 €).

The adventure of flying in a hot air balloon is one of the most exciting activities in Active Tourism and Adventure Tourism that take place in Andalusia. The provinces of Granada, Malaga, Cadiz, and Seville have the most suitable landscapes to experience the marvelous adventures in air sports such as hot-air ballooning.

Dare to encounter the thrill of flying in a hot-air balloon, discover another way to enjoy active tourism, and get a different view of cities like Ronda, Granada, or Seville. Try out a new style of adventure.

Experience an unrepeatable sensation! Flying in a hot-air balloon is floating through the air, experiencing a unique sense of calm and silence. It’s letting yourself be taken away by the weightlessness and you flow smoothly along with the wind. You’ll never forget this experience.

It all starts early in the morning, when we look for a good takeoff site. Once we’re there, we check the weather conditions and make sure they’re on our side. We get in the basket, start blasting hot air into the balloon, it lifts the giant cloth into the air, and we’re ready to set sail to where the wind takes us!!

Enjoy a unique adventure in Andalusia y see the most beautiful parts of southern Spain from a birds-eye view… Granada, Ronda, Antequera, Arcos del la Frontera, Cordoba, and Gaudix are the destinations where you can enjoy this adventure with us.