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Active Tourism - Safe Sports


Forest Tour: Hiking, Archery.

Difficulty: Easy.
Duration: 2 hours (2h).
Persons: Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 50 persons.

Minimum Age: 8 years.
Price per Person: 35 euros (€).
Price per Couple: 100 euros (€).

Time of Year: All year.
Requirements: Trainers and Comfortable clothing.
Includes: Material specific to activity and safety equipment.

With a basic bow which is first adapted to the physical ability of each participant, we begin to learn the instinctive shooting techniques of our ancestors. Once we have mastered these basic techniques we head out into the forest where there are many different targets to put our new skills to the test.

Although the sport of Archery is more commonly practiced against a large circular target, it is not the only existing method as here in the forest some of our targets move or are imitation animals which have been practiced learning methods in both England and France since the thirteenth century. And in Scotland where there are trophies and records related to simulated hunting since the fifteenth century.

Simulated hunts always take place in natural surroundings (open field or forest) and one supposes holds a certain likeness to a game of golf. However, rather than following a course of numbered holes we follow a sequence of numbered targets throughout the forest.

In this simulated hunt there are around 20 targets representing wild animals, in their natural surroundings.

From each marker we get two chances to hit the target. Importantly, the distance from the marker to the target is not known in advance, and must be calculated instinctively.

When taking score it is important to know that the highest score of points are gained by shooting the animal’s in the heart or lungs.