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Active Tourism - Risk Sports

Rock Climbing

Difficulty: Easy.
Duration: Around three and five hours (3h - 5h). Depends on physical conditions of participants.
Persons: Mimimun 4 persons / Maximum 12 persons.

Minimum Age: 8 years.
Price per Person: 40 euros (€).
Price per Couple: 120 euros (€).

Time of Year: All year.
Requirements: Calzado deportivo o pies de gato y ropa deportiva.
Includes: Transport and Insurance.

Meeting point: Bar “El Frenazo” at the West entrance of Lanjarón opposite the Park “Parque del Salado”.

  • An assisted climb from 8 to 25 metres. (Difficulty levels IV, V and VI)
  • An unassisted climb (Difficulty level IV)
  • Learn security techniques and knots.
  • Learn how to secure with different systems.
  • An instructor for every 4 or 5 students.

Puenting / Bungee Jumping

Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: One jump.
Persons: Minimum 4 persons / Maximum 15 persons.

Minimum Age: 18 years.
Price per Person: 40 euros (€).
Price per Couple: 120 euros (€).

Time of Year: All Year.
Requirements: Comfortable clothing.
Includes: Transport and Insurance.

From the railing of a 45 meter high bridge and with the safety of three harnesses we fight back our natural instincts of survival and jump into the emptiness. A big challenge for even the most daring!! Participants will travel to the jump site (“Puente de Tablate”) at the Alpujarra exit from the motorway in their own vehicles. Secured by the three harnesses and climbing ropes we jump from the bridge and free fall for 20 metres into the emptiness with a 40 metre drop below. The pendulum system of the three ropes then slows us down before gradually lowering us to the ground.